Members Spotlight

Tim Johnson

A Colorado native and born skeptic, Tim Johnson has been comfortable for many years in his private Buddhist-like bubble. In 2008, when he and his partner became the owner/operators of the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore, this private bubble became very public. As an owner of one of the oldest spiritual centers in the Rocky Mountain region, one’s spiritual path is always the topic of at least one discussion a day.

“The most I can tell people who ask, is that I have been on this path for most of my life, seeking peace, love and understanding for myself, as well as doing what little I can do to encourage these things for the entire planet,” says Tim as he dusts yet another Kuan Yin statue.

“The daily retail activities of a store like this are very different when compared to my 7 years as a telecom/networking technician and 15 years before with a large local book and magazine wholesaler. I always knew a book store was in my future…I just thought it would be where I hang out every day after I retire.”

Tim is very proud to be a part of the COVR organization as a board member and hopes to be of service to the members in any way he can.