Members Spotlight

The Left Side

Fifteen years ago Michelle Payton, Ph.D., D.C.H., Empatherapist created The Left Side, but it was almost “The Right Side”. It made sense to Michelle to call her new venture the right side because so much creative thinking comes from the right side of our brain. She also knew it would be easier to market to mainstream businesses. As spirit would have it, she put down her left foot and made sure Michelle got the message loud and clear. The Left Side became the official name and allowed Michelle to morph her business into a beautiful balance of metaphysical and mainstream products. In hind sight, Michelle told me she discovered the left side of the brain is the seat of the divine feminine and that mirrored her vision for her company perfectly. The Left Side’s destiny was to be the source of products that touch the heart and bring purpose to her customer’s lives and this is a very feminine expression of divinity. Michelle was learning a lot about her intuitive process.