Members Spotlight

Temple of Sound & Michael Moon

by Patty Shaw, Coventry Creations
Listening to an artist’s story is part of the love affair we have with their work and it’s no different with Michael Moon; musician, astrologer, photographer and healer.
In his own words, Michael’s story is an interesting chain of events. As a young boy, he was considered autistic and he had trouble with being overwhelmed by noise. He intuitively blocked it out with sounds he made with his voice. After being tested at school he was encouraged to go into music. Instead, Michael, who coined himself more of a mathematician or scientist set out to be an architect because he is also very practical.
While at the university studying Architecture he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and his health was compromised for a very long time. Consequently his life path change significantly. During a trip to Florida to be rejuvenated by the ocean, Michael began to hear music in the sound of the surf like he’d never heard before. Within that he heard a clear voice saying, “You are to dedicate your life to creating music out of sounds made in nature, and it is to be healing music.” So Michael decided he’d better learn how to make music. He started with orchestral bells because they made the sound he loved best as a child. In three years he was composing music. Something he assumed would take much longer. As he took courses in healing, sound and music therapy and yoga he discovered that he could indeed create the very music the voice he heard at the ocean told him he would. Michael found that the sounds of acoustic instruments could be layered to create thick lush and gentle vibrations and when he added Reiki energy, they could heal him.
Michael admits that his music has been a major factor in healing himself. His first CD,Dance of the Deep, brought him peace because it created a wall of sound that felt like silence, and in that silence he could get the rest he needed to heal his body and mind. In his later CD, Earth Song, Michael added lyrics to his instrumentals. The songs became teachings for him. The words are channeled messages which he shares in hopes that they help others as much as they have him. For Michael, writing the music is the easy part. When he realized the words wanted to be sung, he had to learn how to sing. He’s still working with his voice and learning what he’s capable of doing. Michael reflects, “Singing has cracked open the shell of my autism and helped me express my emotions. Being able to express my feelings has been powerful for me.” It’s added a richness to his life he’d been missing. “I did this CD for myself, but it has a message for many. With the acceptance of the CD by the community it has encouraged me to keep listening to spirit and do what it wants me to do. “
Earth Song is really part of a trilogy of music. Part one is Earth Alignment. It’s an instrumental that helps us align our frequency with the earth. Part two, Earth Healing is based on Ho’oponopono or the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. The third CD is the award winning Earth Song and is filled with rich chants and songs meant to heal the earth and open us to the beauty around. “Life is precious and nature is beautiful.” Says Michael.
Michael’s music is healing first and beautiful music second. His inspiration comes from nature itself and of course his favorite music from the sixties, which he calls gentle acoustic psychedelic. The other influences come from all over the world especially the Middle East and China.
I invite you to connect with Michael on his website There you will find a healer, a musician, an astrologer, artist and a photographer. Michael wears many hats at The Temple of Sound, from writing the music, vocals, designing the cover art, producing, mixing, promotion and distribution. He has promised himself to hire an assistant or two very soon and we shall see his CD’s in New Leaf’s catalog in the near future. No need to wait though, Michael’s music is available now, wholesale prices available and he’ll probably pack the order himself.