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Shopping for Crystals

By Margaret Ann Lembo

Shopping for crystals, minerals, and stones has been one of my favorite jobs for the past 36 years. Customers enjoy the rock shopping experience daily in my store and many others worldwide in stores like yours. Gemstone sales are best sellers, offering your retail store very good profit margins. Sales of natural tumbled, and specimen stones make up 60% of my store’s sales. That income potential is available to your store as well.

When you decide to carry crystals, minerals, and stones in your store, I recommend trying a bit of all forms, especially tumbled stones, and jewelry, with a few specimen pieces if you are starting. The profit margin number for your business will increase with the sale of tumbled stones. As you observe your customer response, you will know when to carry more special clusters or large gemstones. Large clusters and geodes make a statement and add to any display. Depending on your clientele, these larger statement pieces may take longer to sell. The number of expensive specimens in your inventory depends on your budget.

Certain bestselling gemstones and crystals are always wise to keep in stock. They are amethyst, aquamarine, black tourmaline, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, hematite, rose quartz, and selenite.

Depending on your experience level, the initial experience of buying gemstones for resale can be overwhelming. Now, you can purchase most stones from rock dealers using their online store. Many are happy to set up a Facetime buying experience and take you through their warehouse.

Where to start?

Imagine with me for a moment that you’ve just walked into a rock dealer’s showroom, warehouse, or website. There are many types of crystals, minerals, and stones.

  1. You can pull a purchase order from your point-of-sale system or have a list of what you need to restock.
  2. You can walk the entire showroom or warehouse and look. If you are shopping online, browse the website by checking out all the pull-down screens. The search bar is my favorite way to find what I need on a rock dealer’s website.
  3. Choose merchandise that you perceive or feel will sell quickly and often. Choose the gems that you think are beautiful, as it is likely your customers will feel the same way. It’s always easier to sell merchandise you love!
  4. Buy a minimum of 3 for each type of specimen or, preferably, 6 or more of a given type of stone. The deeper you stock a particular item, the faster it will sell. Experience has shown me that if just 1 or 2 items are left, it takes longer to sell. I’ve actually heard customers tell me that they “don’t want to take my one.”
  5. Purchase at least a pound of each tumbled stone and put them all on the shelves. A full bowl of tumbled stones sells faster than a few.

Once you’ve had this shopping experience a few times, you can combine historical sales numbers with your intuition. Mix it up and buy different gems, styles, and shapes to enhance your buying choices.

Tumbled Stones brings customers back again and again. These little gems can be carried in your pocket, placed in your pillow case, inserted into your coin purse, and placed in bowls anywhere around the home or office. Encourage your customers to match a positive thought with each gemstone they purchase to design their reality.

Top Five Best Selling Tumbled Stones

  1. rose quartz
  2. lapis lazuli
  3. black tourmaline
  4. amethyst
  5. carnelian


Specimens are individual clusters and unique gems. These are typically in their raw or natural state and have little that has been altered or polished.

Top Ten Best Selling Specimens

  1. clear quartz points from one to six inches
  2. amethyst points and clusters
  3. black tourmaline natural points
  4. selenite, including bowls, grids, sticks, wands, and logs
  5. rose quartz, including points, hearts, and any form it comes in

The Shapes and Sizes of Gemstones

Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, either directly from the earth in their natural state or polished and cut into various geometric configurations. Gemstones are especially delightful in jewelry, amulets, and pendulums.

Top Ten Best Selling Shapes

  1. hearts
  2. spheres
  3. chunks and/or natural formation
  4. palm stones
  5. points


Gemstone bracelet sales have soared in the past ten years. I have a full wall of bracelets, and it’s proven to be financially beneficial.

Top Ten Best Selling Bracelets

  1. carnelian
  2. black agate or black onyx
  3. rose quartz
  4. hematite
  5. amethyst

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards; and many more. Margaret Ann is the creator of a line of award-winning Aroma-Energetic Sprays, including Smudge in Spray and the seven Chakra Sprays. She is an inspirational author, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden in southeast Florida established in 1988.

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