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Shaman’s Drums

All of our candles, energy sprays, spiritual baths, and incense are handmade and then blessed in shamanic ceremony to infuse them with healing and to wake up the plant spirits within their botanical ingredients. Our items make wonderful gifts as well as staple supplies for spiritual and healing practitioners.

Shaman’s Dawn is a small business owned by Adam Kane with assistance from his partner, Al Romao. We are dedicated to being of service to our community and to the people, land, and spirits. Shaman’s Dawn provides shamanic healing services, healing ceremonies, and handmade products and supplies that are shamanically charged.

Our first concern is the healing and well being of this creation that we are all a part of and live within.

Discount: 5% off your first order with Shaman’s Dawn. Discount applies to first time new customers. To receive your 5% discount all orders must be phoned in by calling 1-855-229-7928

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