Members Spotlight

Sequoia Records

Our friends at Sequoia Records have the longest standing record as a COVR vendor member, Ha! No pun intended. It’s high time we give them a high five and a big thank you for their consistent loyalty to COVR and our spiritual community. COVR is as good as its members and we really appreciate the fact that we have great ones.

Let’s go into the way back machine and revisit the story behind Sequoia Records, founded by David and Steve Gordon.

David and Steve what inspired you to start your business?

Back in 1982 we were successful but burnt-out LA studio session musicians. I had been getting anxiety attacks and David was getting migraines. On a backpacking trip to the Sequoia National Park to get some relief from our hectic schedules, we were meditating by a stream to relax and we had a vision of a series of albums that could combine the sounds of untouched places in nature with a new kind of ambient music that would transport people to a place of healing serenity.

Do you have a mission statement? What is it?

Sequoia Records brings you the very best in music for enriching Body, Mind & Spirit, helping to make the world a more beautiful and harmonious place within which to live. We invite you to share with us in that vision.

Every business has something unique that only they can offer the world. What is your unique?

Since we began over 30 years ago, we have released many styles of music but one thing has remained constant – whether we are composing our music or releasing music by other artists, we focus on music that is different than anything that has come before, music that pushes the previous boundaries and takes the listener to new places they have never been. Because of this, whether it has been in the genres of meditation music, shamanic drumming, world beat fusion or chill out lounge, our releases have been responsible for setting new directions in music that ended up influencing many other musicians.

Do you offer a special discount for COVR members? What is it?

10% discount (must mention you are a COVR member) and free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Thank you David and Steve for all you do for our precious world. Beautiful music is so very important to our collective goal of making our blue marble a place to heal and grow.

Visit David and Steve’s website at Their selection of music is perfect for your store. They also have a newsletter, discounted deals, sample music, play before you pay, and a current top ten list to keep your music selection fresh and cutting edge. I plan on stocking up for my new Reiki Healing Center.