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Satiama & Karen Stuth

Karen Stuth from Satiama has put the spotlight on the five elements that have contributed to the success of Satiama. After reading this article you can see that they can easily be applied to the success of your business. I hope you get as much out of Karen’s wisdom as I have. ~ Patty Shaw
Five Things That Contributed to Our Success
From Karen,
We’ve been enormously blessed at Satiama since we brought up our first website in 2009. Our journey has been interesting, with many twists and turns, but it has always been exciting and deeply fulfilling. But there are five core things that really supported us to continue to grow and prosper.
Risk-taking. From the beginning, Satiama has been willing to take risks, trying different kinds of products, ideas, events and even delving into publishing – now the core of our business – because we were interested in providing tools, services and products that helped our customers to move down their spiritual path. This included events we produced or sponsored, specialized membership communities, a virtual meditation hall, a comprehensive set of courses called Satiama University and the addition of non-mainstream offerings. Risk-taking never felt risky to us because it always underscored our core purpose. Satiama was founded to offer tools to assist each of us to more deeply connect with and honor our true selves and our true nature, to increase our respect, compassion and love for one other and Mother Earth, and to foster and cultivate our connection to something greater. If a path seemed to open up in front of us that supported that goal, we have always been willing to go down it to see where it leads.
Passion. No business can survive without the continued passion of its owners and operators. If our passion for what we do ever lagged, we examined whether we had detoured a bit, and what we needed to do to rekindle the flame and find our way back to that space of excitement, verve and commitment. Our passion for Satiama reflects in our relationships with our customers, in the new products we bring forward, in our marketing communications and most of all in the continued interest and excitement we feel about everything surrounding our business. When the passion is gone, then it will be time for us to close our doors.
Commitment to Exceptional Service. We have always been willing to go the extra mile for both our retail and wholesale accounts. This is more than simply providing speedy service or offering special pricing. If any of our bookstore accounts is having a special event, we have always been willing to provide some free products for drawings, special posters, extra demo copies of our titles or anything we can think of to help make that event a success, even including helping them to find speakers. If our products are having trouble finding an audience within a particular store, we enjoy brainstorming with the owners about what might be done to help, including coop-ing some advertising with them when possible. If a customer orders something and chooses an expensive method of delivery and we find a way to save them shipping costs, we call them ask their permission to use an alternative form of delivery and credit their card for the difference. It is a foundational element of our business to try to over-deliver in some way on every order. We truly love and respect our customers and this results in a strong and loyal customer base, and saves us a lot of the cost of constantly obtaining new customers.
Watching the ‘road signs’ of change that affects every business. Small business owners, perhaps more than large businesses, are deeply impacted by changes in the economy, changes to lifestyle and changes within our own industry. At Satiama, we often ask ourselves “What are the ‘8 track tapes’ of our business? Are we offering products or classes that don’t reflect that is current or interesting within our industry? How are changes in attitude, lifestyle and age impacting our customer base?” We have truly observed over the past 7 years a change in our subscriber and customer base, especially on the retail size, with our customers becoming more tech savvy, even among older customers, and more interested in spiritual technologies that are becoming quite mainstream. This includes mindfulness, meditation, alternative or holistic therapies, sound healing and many other examples. While these technologies always appealed to the mind-body-spirit population, now we see them referenced in mainstream media outlets on a regular basis, such as The Huffington Post. We see a change in our customers to more people who don’t consider themselves as interested in conscious living, but in fact consume books, CDs, audio books, card decks and other tools which support a conscious lifestyle. The mind body spirit industry is going mainstream and we have worked to redesign our website and provide more articles and products that appeal to this new and fast-growing customer base while retaining the customers we already have.
We know who is driving the car. At Satiama we try to follow where we are being led, understanding that it is not really us who is ‘driving the car,’ but a transcendent force – God, Spirit, the Universe or whatever label you’d like to assign. We have always said that we are just back seat passengers in a fast-moving car called Satiama, but we are grateful every day, without exception, for our Driver and we trust we will always be taken to wherever we are truly supposed to be, without exception.
We hope the insights and experiences from Karen at Satiama have helped you improve your relationship with your own business. As always our Vendor Spotlights wish to connect you with great sources for your store and inspiration for your heart.
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