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Recipe for Success

You put your heart and soul into a new product, and you won an award for it. The award tells the world your product has been recognized as a leader in its field. Congratulations!

COVR announces the major category awards (Books, Music, Products, Jewelry) on our website, in our monthly newsletter, and on Facebook and Twitter. We make a list of other winners (sub-categories, Finalists, People’s Choice, and Retailers’ Choice) available on our website. We also send press releases to two industry publications — Leading Edge Review and Retailing Insight.

You can get more marketing mileage out of your award by doing some basic things to publicize your award. Your customers expect the news to come from you.

  • Use your website. Announce the award on your website. If you don’t already have a separate web page for your product, consider creating one so you can highlight the award.
  • Use social media. Announce the award on your website and on social media. You are welcome to post a message in the Facebook group Visionary Professionals.
  • Use email. Announce the award to your mailing list and in your newsletter. You should particularly target retailers who might carry your product already or who might choose to carry your product because it won an award.
  • Send a press release. You can use our news release as a template for your own, or just copy ours.
  • Display the award graphic on your website, in your print material, and if possible on the product itself.
  • Update your online listings. If you sell online through Amazon, Ebay, or another distributor, update your listing to include your award.
  • Order awards stickers. Award stickers some in 1-inch and 2-inch sizes. They tell customers this product stands out from others on the shelf.
  • Order an awards statueYou can order a statue for yourself to display in your office or work space. You can also order additional statues to recognize the contributions of other team members.