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Partnering with a Distributor

If you’ve got a book or a sideline product that you want to bring to market, there are only a few options as an independent creator. Selling the products to stores yourself, setting up booths and tables at markets and expos, managing your own sales online, or working with a distributor on consignment or selling on terms.  Working with a distributor, offers you partnership in getting exposure and making it as easy as possible for stores to find and order your title.

Distributor services differ, and can vary from company to company, along with discounts and terms required. Some offer basic wholesaling, some offer marketing opportunities, representatives, and multiple markets like local and international. The main way a distributor can support your book or business is as a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Distributors make it much easier for a store to find and order product than working with individual authors or publishers.

How You’ll Set up Your Vendor Account with a Disributor:

  • Provide company and contact information.
  • Set discounts and terms.
  • Provide product load information for inventory system and website.

Common Distribution Services:

  • Warehousing and returns.
  • Work on product launch with things like e-newsletter, flyers, eblast.
  • National and international distribution.
  • Drop-ship sales.

When you work on a consignment basis with a distributor, often you are free to continue to sell your product with other distributors and to sell to customers yourself—the distributor takes a fee for their service. When you agree to terms with a distributor, they often require exclusivity which includes large outlet management like working with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Baker & Taylor, which often requires a larger percentage of the sales.

Additionally, working on terms will often require that you purchase ad space at least once a year for each of the products you have listed. The benefit is that you are represented by a sales force months before your product launches. This makes it necessary for books and products to have all their marketing materials and sometimes samples, 6 to 9 months in advance of release, which is standard in the industry but not always possible for smaller creative operations.

It is very important to do your due diligence on any business partner by communicating about your business needs and asking questions in advance of making a commitment or agreement. You won’t always get what you don’t ask for, or don’t know you need. Taking on a distribution partner can and should be a huge asset to your business when you understand the business of distribution.

Stephen Lordanous

Quanta Distribution, Canada

Quanta Distribution has been a Metaphysical Distributor in Canada for 30 years. It began in the 90’s when owner Stephen Lordanous worked with an audio meditation company to develop tools to move into the US wholesale market, including procuring distribution. Unable to find distribution in Canada, he took the product to stores himself. Later he was approached by other publishers and vendors to distribute their titles, and Quanta Distribution was born. Quanta now carries over 50,000 items from over 400 vendors.

In 2020, Quanta took over operations for one of its long-time vendors, Angelstar, moving into the US market, handling the manufacturing and worldwide distribution for Angelstar. Since then, Quanta has done the same with a number of other companies and also introduced many of our metaphysical lines to its US customers. We work with our vendors to make sure their product info gets out to our wide base of stores and resellers. We believe in keeping things simple, treating people like adults, and expecting the same from them. We believe technology should give us more time to work with our customers and vendors, not less. We like being the sort of company that customers and vendors know they can pick up the phone and call anytime. We love collaborating on new projects and initiatives. deneme bonusu dě unblocked games school istanbul bodrum evden eve nakliyat