Members Spotlight

Naughty Saint

By Patty Shaw

It was such a delight to learn about the Naughty Saint. This company is as scientific as it is playful. After you get to know the Naughty Saint you will be wanting some of that in your store. Here’s what Greg has to say about his new and visionary company.

Greg, what inspired you to start your business?

My initial intent was to design a custom T-shirt for a trademark logo from my line of skin care products. The artwork and its caption captivated me the first time I saw it in Thailand on a business trip for the skin care products. My agent there was putting together some samples for the line and just happened to use that artwork. I quickly found the artist and purchased exclusive rights to its use.

The reflection and the command to Just Kiss Your Love spoke volumes to me about love of the Self. So I wanted to promote that message. I didn’t want to use a T-shirt blank so I engaged a fashion technical designer to work with me, and interpret my design ideas into a custom fashion T-shirt.

Around that time I had become more and more engaged with crystals and thought why not include pockets for chakra crystals in my T-Shirt! So we began to experiment and after the better part of a year, settled on designs for 7 lines, all built around this concept of crystal healing proximity resonance. What churned out of the process was something altogether unintended when I started, a line of meditation garments with integrated pockets for chakra crystals.

And not just any crystals. First the dimensions of the chakra crystal coins had to fall within a certain specification, 25/26mm x 10 mm. We designed the pockets to fit a very specific sized crystal as a standard. As such, the stones had to be ordered custom from China.

Once received they are shipped to a facility near Eugene Oregon where they are chamber infused with a subtle energy fingerprint frequency. We call Dhyana crystals (Sanskrit, origin for Zen).

Do you have a mission statement? What is it?

Yes, healing, self-awareness and an acceleration of the journey within.

Naughty Saint is all about returning to the compassionate child within us all, be naughty, have fun with life, marvel at everything as if seeing for the first time.

That’s the mission, to reach the child with the heart of us all. While individual mileage may vary, your experiences in these cocoons of delight will soon show results.

Life begins to cooperate with you, because of the subtle change in resonance in you.

Every business has something unique that only they can offer the world. What is your unique?

You’re looking at it! I am the naughty saint behind this expression of creative repackaging.

Do you offer a special discount for COVR members? What is it?

Yes, COVR members 10% off on this first edition production run.

The Naughty Saint, owner Greg Solomon, Clothing Store, Skin Care and Alternative and Holistic Health
Phone 805-244-5157

Headquarters: 1336 N. Moorpark Rd. PO Box 179, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Founded on May 25, 2013

Naughty Saint is a lifestyle concept built around Spirit Science, providing meditation garments that are designed to enhance your life’s inward journey.

Main product: Chakra Meditation Garments