Members Spotlight

Molly Trimble

by Molly Trimble, Publisher, Retailing Insight trade magazine

When was the magazine started?

New Age Retailer magazine began in September of 1987 as a four-page newsletter called “The Monthly Report to Booksellers.” From these humble beginnings NAR grew steadily through the 1990s. In 1999 the employees bought the company from founder and owner Daimon Sweeney, and the company continues today as a successful employee-owned company. (Fun fact: Daimon Sweeney was also one of the original founders of COVR.)

The heart-felt mission then, and now as Retailing Insight, is to publish the highest quality information and resources of interest to independent retail store owners and staff and to support the success of the visionary, conscious-living, and body-mind-spirit markets.

When did you join the magazine?

I joined Continuity Publishing in 1994 as a salesperson for New Age Retailer, became NAR’s Editor-in-chief in 1997 and was appointed CEO and Publisher in 2004. I was lucky to find my life’s work here -I don’t think I could ever find a place and people I respect more than my Continuity colleagues, our customers, our writers, and all the wonderful people I have met in my 17 years with the company.

Recently I counted how many INATS I have attended and, including INATS East, I’ve attended 12 — and thoroughly enjoyed every one!

How did the name change to Retailing Insight come about?

In 2012, after 24 years as New Age Retailer, we realized New Age had crossed the threshold and achieved its long-held dream: The spread of New Age understandings, values, and consciousness throughout society. The mainstreaming of New Age concepts (e.g., Law of Attraction), personalities (e.g., Ekhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson), and practices (meditation, yoga, mindfulness), as well as the emerging growth of associated movements such as alternative health & healing, environmentalism, sustainability, and social equity had at last become accepted and encouraged as part of humanity’s larger conversation and spiritual awareness.

Changing our name to Retailing Insight this year was our acknowledgement that this sea change the New Age movement helped create in the world is, and should be, inclusive. Our new, complete name, Retailing Insight: Connecting the Best in Body, Mind, Spirit, is meant to welcome all the visionary wholesalers and retailers working to create a healthier, more conscious and compassionate world, however they may choose to identify themselves.