Members Spotlight

Michael Lausterer, Basic Earth Essentials

Michael has been working in the field of Healthcare for over twenty-five years. He is a Professional Chef with a degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America with a background in Clinical Nutrition. He is a Certified Master Clinical Essential Oil Therapist and has studied essential oils, their chemical make-up, extraction methods and in-depth botanical compounds of over 400 different genus and species to gain an advanced understanding of practical Essential Oil Therapy methods.

He has become a sought after Essential Oil Therapist for his knowledge, understanding and complex blending techniques. Trained and studied as a Reiki Master and Practitioner, he incorporates positive energetic influences into every product he creates.
Crystal and mineral uses are important components of his Reiki techniques and instill balance and positive energy flow through the essential oil blends. His Essential Oil/Reiki client sessions focus on helping each individual to achieve a higher self-awareness, while encouraging confidence and affirmation of self. His passion for Essential Oil Therapy and caring nature to help those around him has given him inspirational guidance and a greater understanding of essential oils in order to create blends that will benefit everyone, naturally and through the core botanical components from which we were given…basic earth essentials.