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Logos of Money

This month we talked to Mayuri Onerhaim, owner of The Logos of Money, and author of Money as a Spiritual Practice. She is

Mayuri’s work as a spiritual teacher of the Diamond Approach in the Ridhwan School, founded by A. H. Almaas, has built on her experience as a chartered accountant, business adviser, and IRS enrolled agent to create a new and unique approach that addresses with clarity and deep insight a subject rarely discussed-the spiritual aspect of money. More than 500 students have benefited from Mayuri’s renowned guided-inquiry seminar, The Logos of Money, over the past eight years. Now those teachings have been expanded and made available to a wider audience in her book Money * Spirituality * Consciousness.

Says Mayuri: “I want to help people understand money not from the usual conventional view but rather as energy, as a symptom of our spiritual separation, and as a reflection of our cultural belief systems and early childhood conditioning. My aim is to demystify the psychological, historical, socio-cultural, and spiritual dimensions of money so that it becomes not only an effective tool but also a creative extension and expression of each person’s uniqueness in the world.”

The author lives with her husband, Allen, in Marin County, California. Besides writing and teaching, she loves to hike near the ocean with her dog and to cook for her friends.