June 2017 Member Newsletter

Announcing the Winners!
The 20th Annual COVR Awards for Products, Jewelry and Electronics
The top honors each of the three categories go to:

  • 2017 Product of the Year: Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body, Artwork by Sabina Espinet, Written by Alison DeNicola (U.S. Games Systems, Inc)
  • 2017 Jewelry of the Year: Avalon Blessings Pendants by Micki Baumann (Deva Designs)
  • 2017 Electronic Media of the Year: Daily Divine with Sara by Sara Wiseman (Sara Wiseman)

The winners in each of the sub-categories are:

  • Blogs: Daily Divine with Sara by Sara Wiseman (Sara Wiseman)
  • Charms and Talismans: Dragon Wisdom Charms by Micki Baumann (Deva Designs)
  • Divination Products: Fairy Tale Lenormand Deck, Artwork by Lisa Hunt, Written by Arwen Lynch (U.S. Games Systems, Inc)
  • Iconic Products: Tree of Life Blessings by Suzie Heiney & Bob Heiney (Deva Designs)
  • Inspirational Products: Spontaneous Sacred Spaces by Susan Andra Lion (Susan Andra Lion)
  • Jewelry with Stones: Avalon Blessings Pendants by Micki Baumann (Deva Designs)
  • Manifestation Products: Traveling Magick by Christopher Penczak (Deva Designs)
  • Metal Jewelry: Celtic Butterfly Pendant by Bob Heiney (Celtic Knot Works)
  • Podcasts and Radio Shows: Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman Radio Show by Sara Wiseman (Sara Wiseman)
  • Precious Metal Jewelry: Sterling Silver Celtic Bear Pendant by Bob Heiney (Celtic Knot Works)
  • Visionary Products: Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body, Artwork by Sabina Espinet, Written by Alison DeNicola (U.S. Games Systems, Inc)

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Thank you for your membership and participation!

Ask An Expert!By Cindy Odorizzi

COVR offers mentoring to its members.  This month we feature a question from our members that is often submitted.
QUESTION:  I always see advertisements for the gift shows. Should I attend them?

ANSWER:  I personally enjoy going to the shows. I see product lines I never would have found, see new products in my existing lines and it is great to meet the people that you will be buying from. It is a wonderful tactile experience, but could be expensive if you don’t live nearby. If you are concerned about costs, I would skip it. You can always go to the show’s website and get a list of exhibitors and then call them for catalogs.

If you do have it in your budget, by all means, try one out. There are many to choose from all year. A good one to start with is the Atlanta, Dallas or Rocky Mountain Gift Shows which occur at different times of the year, with someoccuring in January. After the bustle of Christmas, it is great to get away for a few days, and these shows have a lot to offer. They are huge and exciting!

If you buy rocks and crystals, the rock shows are very valuable, as you can purchase the actual rocks you see. Many rock dealers only sell in thesearenas. You have probably heard of the Tucson Gem Show, but there are smaller, more manageable ones too. Denver has a rock show in September that is large and attracts many vendors. There are smaller shows in Minneapolis, Springfield, MA, Franklin NC, Orlando, FL, Livonia, MI and Ashville, N.C. These smaller shows are a good way to try out going to a show.
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June Product Spotlight

MUDRAS for Awakening the Energy Body

This deluxe set of 40 colorful cards presents 7 chakras and 33 mudras chosen for their ability to focus energy and expand consciousness. By directing breath and awareness, these mudra hand poses can deliver numerous benefits for both physical and emotional wellness. The cards present inspirational artwork on one side with instructions on the other side, so they can be used for yoga and meditation classes, on-the-go stress relief, or daily affirmations. The 112-page illustrated guidebook offers instructions for the poses, information about their health benefits, and guided meditations for putting mudras into the practice.

Sabina Espinet is a multi-cultural artist based in Colorado whose work is influenced by nature, mythology and spiritualism.  Alison DeNicola is a Connecticut-based yoga and meditation teacher and energy healer.

$22.95 retail, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Developing Your Product Line
by Micki Baumann
One of the things I have enjoyed most about my more than 15-year membership in COVR is being a mentor to other vendors in our industry. Everyone needs a little outside perspective on their business from time to time and it was my privilege to help in this way.

One of the first questions vendors ask me is how I get more customers, and how do I get more orders from my existing customers.

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