Members Spotlight

Journeys of Change

By Patty Shaw

This month’s vendor spotlight shines on Linda Davis, Creator and Founder of Journey Of Change. Linda’s award winning products; “I can” coins and key chains are designed to encourage and uplift anyone going through change and challenge. Like all of our COVR members the inspiration behind Linda’s company is very close to her heart. Linda is another example of what it means to be a visionary company and we are proud to call her friend and a member of COVR.

Linda, what inspired you to start your business?

I started Journey Of Change out of the inspiration behind my first product that was birthed in 2008 – the “I Can® Coin” A Daily Reminder. When my father was making his transition he reminded us to remember “I Can” when things get tough. After he passed in March of 2000 everything that could go wrong DID for me! I remembered what affirmations that I needed every day to be inspired and put them on the coin. As with the first product, all of my products have a story or inspiration behind them.

Do you have a mission statement? What is it?

My mission and vision is to provide hope, courage, motivation and inspiration to as many people as “I Can”. My products are resource to those facing all types of life’s challenges.

Every business has something unique that only they can offer the world. What is your unique?

In addition to owning Journey Of Change and creating my products, I am also a Shamanic Practitioner. I combine energy healing to the coins clearing each one, Reiki charging and blessings them to help their new owner find their way on their “journey of change”.

Do you offer a special discount for COVR members? What is it?

Yes, I offer 5% off the entire order. Minimum order is 12 products.

Is there anything else you would like your customers to know about Journey of Change?

I do all of my own social media. I have a link on my website to all my active retailers. I have been doing a lot of advertising on Facebook to generate numerous sales.

Contact Information
Owner/Creator: Linda L. Davis
Phone: 888-994-ICAN