January 2018 Member Newsletter

January 2018 President’s Message

Greetings, fellow COVR Members.

Welcome to 2018!

As announced in the December COVR newsletter, I have taken the helm as COVR president from Justin Swanstrom, who resigned his position as both President and Executive Director at COVR last month. Following in Justin's enormous footsteps, I look forward to serving COVR and its membership.  Please note that COVR has a new mailing address and phone number, posted on our website and also at the bottom of this newsletter. You can also email me at ( ; I invite you to do so at any time.

Now......(big drum roll).....I have exciting news to share!

COVR is returning to the 2018 International New Age Trade Show (INATS.)  INATS will once again take place in Denver June 15th through 17th, 2018. Specific trade show information can be found on the INATS website at We encourage each of you to attend INATS and to spend time at the COVR booth.

Next, the 2018 COVR Visionary Awards Program will culminate this year in the COVR Visionary Awards Event at INATS. We will consolidate the awards experience rather than managing our awards program by product category, so that all voting for every product category will have occur at one time, and winners indentified before INATS. More details about the Visionary Awards Event will be available in upcoming newslett ers and also on the COVR website. We look forward to seeing each of you there!
Finally, I would like to invite each of you to participate more deeply in COVR.  We are an organization comprised of retailers, vendors, distributors, publishers, healing and personal development practitioners, artists, authors, jewelers, and other significant contributors that make up the mind-body-spirit industry.  Many of you create important content for publishers and distributors; retailers then bring forward those products, ideas, and services to the world. Whatever your capacity in our industry, we are synergistically connected together.

I hope all COVR members can support each other in this important community and recognize each member's fundamental importance to our greater collective.  We are connected through COVR in our goal to develop and promote mind-body-spirit ideas, products, and services to the world around us. It is my personal aspiration to help COVR reach an an even higher level of visibility while also seeking ways to enhance the value of each member's experience within our organization.

One of the easiest ways to experience your connection with your fellow members is to participate in COVR's Facebook pages -- there is our public page ( , a closed group for ALL MEMBERS where you can lead discussions, post ideas and questions ( and one for RETAILERS ( .  If you don't follow or belong to these groups, please join today, visit frequently, add your comments and feedback, share your support, take our occasional polls, and get to know or deepen your relationship with other COVR members and member organizations.

In particular, if you are not already offering a discount to COVR members for your products and/or services, we strongly encourage you to do so.  If you are not taking advantage of COVR business discounts, we invite you to visit the website and become more familiar with what other COVR members are offering. Finally, if you have not 'raised your hand' to serve on a committee, teach a webinar, write an article, recruit new members, or offer a few hours of your time each month to help COVR grow and thrive, there is no time like now to do so; just email your interest to and we'll respond promptly. Borrowing from our late president John F. Kennedy, if you are wondering what COVR should be doing for you, I would also like to invite you to ask yourself what you can do for COVR! Your contribution of time, talent, and experience are warmly welcomed and foundational to our present and future success.

Thank you for your continued support of and membership in COVR. We are stronger and better together.

Karen Stuth

2018 Nominations for COVR Board Positions are Now Open!

Would you like to serve on COVR's Board of Directors as a member?

You are eligible to be nominated or to nominate yourself if you meet either of the following criteria:

1.  You have been a member of COVR for the past 12 months  OR

2.  You are a current member of COVR for less than the past 12 months but are nominated by a member who has been a COVR member for the past 12 months.

To make a nomination, please email your intention to become a candidate to  Nominations will be accepted from January 16 through January 31. We will send a special newsletter with a voting link on February 1st. Voting will be open for 7 days.  Successful candidates will be announced shortly thereafter.

What do COVR board members do?  Board members must attend all Board meetings, which are held by teleconference and occur quarterly or sometimes more often, on the second Thursday of each month.  We ask each Board member to keep this time slot continuously available on their calendars each month.  Members of the Board discuss and make final decisions on core issues facing COVR, especially including those that involve the use of COVR's funds.  Each Board member also takes individual responsibility for an activity, such as writing the newsletter, managing COVR's finances, keeping the website up to date, working on membership drives or other activities important to COVR. Board members should plan to dedicate a minimum of at least 5 hours of month to COVR-related activites.

Please note that this election concerns general Board positions.  Elections for Board officers will occur in June 2018.

Please email your nominations today to ( and offer your experience and expertise as a member of the Board of Directors team.

** Breaking News!

** For many years the COVR Visionary Awards have recognized the very best products, creators, producers, and stores in the Mind Body Spirit industry. Gold and Silver stickers are placed with pride by any who have earned them and customers know that those products which bear them are a cut above.

After modifying the voting method two years ago, COVR has decided to fold up the awards timeline to run all categories at the same time once again!

Award nominations open February 1st and voting will be under the new system we’ve used for the past two years.

Stay tuned to the COVR Website for more details on the entry form, entry categories, submission guidelines, and entry fees coming later this month!


Rebecca Austill-Clausen grew up in New England, north of Boston and now lives in Downingtown, amongst the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania. She travels extensively speaking about after-death experiences and alternative realities, showcased in her award winning book,
Change Maker, How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life ( . Becky is an Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, hospice volunteer and successful private practice entrepreneur. She has an advanced Master of Science degree from Boston University, graduating summa cum laude. After 20 years of silence, Rebecca finally gained the courage to share her metaphysical experiences, designed to empower others to pursue their own spiritual journeys.

Learn more about Rebecca here (

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