Members Spotlight

Inette Miller

Company: Return Voyage Inc.


GRANDMOTHERS WHISPER: Ancient Voices, Timeless Wisdom, a Modern Love Story is the gripping spiritual and cultural memoir from a former war correspondent and respected journalist, and it won the beautiful black marble obelisk for first-time INATS attendee, author Inette Miller. When the award was announced, Miller’s husband, ‘Iokepa Hanalei ‘Imaikalani, a native Hawaiian kahu–or guardian of the aboriginal culture, chanted her up to the podium amidst thunderous applause.

The book jacket tells us, “Inette Miller is a Jewish woman, a writer, a level-headed single mother” who agreed to “a rite of passage that demanded she walk naked in someone else’s homeland–trek the blurred borders of magic. She was mute that first year, but she is no longer shy about telling her story. This is the story of the human path, burdened with fears and doubts. She went on a vacation for a week, and she stayed for a lifetime.”

Inette Miller says, “‘Iokepa and I had been on the road for a six- month book tour when we were invited to offer an INATS seminar, do a book signing, and enter Grandmothers Whisper into competition for a COVR award. We had no idea what to expect of the event; we’d never been, nor known anyone who had.”