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Healing Touch Pottery

Healing Touch Pottery uses authentic stones, gemstones and crystals with many of our pottery offerings and most of our products are tagged with a stone description that personalizes the gift for the customer. Our pottery is functional and energetically healing and uplifting. Perfect for metaphysical stores.

Healing Touch Pottery began in the quiet town of Sandown, New Hampshire in 2009. It has grown into a vibrant working studio. We create one of a kind pottery where each piece is crafted to be unique in its appearance and healing energy. We work closely with Carla Goddard Msc.D. Doctor of Metaphysical Science to bring authenticity and knowledge to Donna’s creations. The symbols, colors, gemstones chosen for each piece convey an important message and energy to be used to help you bring balance into your customer’s lives. We offer products to use in ritual, for healing and illumination.

Healing Touch Pottery is owned and operated by Donna E Rollins along with her husband Randall M Rollins.

Donna Rollins (founder and artisan), Randall Rollins

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