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Frequently Asked Awards Questions (FAQs)

These are the most frequently asked questions about COVR’s Visionary Awards. If your question is not answered here, please contact the COVR Office. We’ll be happy to help you.

What products are eligible for an award?

Any product designed for the Mind Body Spirit community and introduced to the marketplace in the previous calendar year is eligible for a Visionary Award.

When is my product eligible for an award?

Products must have been new to the marketplace in the previous calendar year. Products from previous years will be disqualified. Your entry will be accepted if copyright date or date of first production is in the last calendar year. If you have doubts about whether your entry qualifies, please call the COVR Office before you submit your entry. In the event the date is uncertain or ambiguous COVR’s decision is final.

  1. Generally, the copyright date of book and music entries determines when the product was new, but if products contain a printed statement that the first printing date is different from the copyright date, COVR uses the printing date.
  2. Books that were first printed in another language are eligible if the first English language edition is copyright (or first printed) in the previous year.
  3. No revised editions, expanded editions, or “anniversary editions” are eligible.
  4. Jewelry and products must have been introduced to the retail market in the previous calendar year.

Can you give me some examples?

  1. If a book was published in French in 2015, then published in English in 2016, it qualifies because the first English-language edition was published in 2016.
  2. If a book or music CD was published in Australia in 2015, then published in the U.S. in 2016, it does not qualify because the first English-language edition was published in 2015.
  3. If a book or music CD was copyrighted in 2015, then printed in 2016, it qualifies because it was first printed in 2016. However, if a book has a copyright date of something other than 2016 and it does not include a printing date, you will be asked for provide proof of the date.
  4. If a music CD was copyrighted and published in 2016 but the packaging does not include a copyright or publication date, you will be asked to provide proof of the date.
  5. If a piece of jewelry was designed in 2015, then put into production in 2016, it qualifies because it was introduced to the retail market in 2016. You might be asked to provide proof of the date.
  6. If a product was market tested in selected stores in 2015 but introduced to the general market in 2016, talk to the COVR Office. It might qualify, but we need details about what it means that it was “market tested”. You might be asked to provide proof of the date.

Does my product have to be represented at INATS?

No. The Visionary Awards represent the “Best of the Industry”. Your sales strategies have no bearing on the quality of your product.

Do I have to enter online?

If you are entering 5 products or fewer, you must enter online. We eliminated the paper form because of the exceptionally high administrative overhead involved in processing entries manually. If you are entering 6 or more products please contact the COVR Office for instructions.

Why is there a fee for entries?

The entry fee reflects the cost of administering the awards.

Can I send you a check or call with a credit card?

No. We are channeling all payments through PayPal in order to streamline our process and reduce administrative overhead.

Can I enter now and pay later?

No. We cannot accept entries without full payment.

What are the elements of an entry?

There are four required elements of an entry: (1) entry form, (2) product graphic, (3) entry fee, and (4) product sample. All four elements must be received by the deadline for the entry to be complete.

What happens if my entry is incomplete?

Entries that are not complete after the deadline date will be disqualified.

What if there’s not enough space on the form for my entry?

Send a separate email with any information you are unable to fit legibly on entry form. We understand that some long titles and names are hard to fit on the form. Please be aware, however, that long titles and names might need to be shortened on statues and certificates. Contact the COVR Office if you have concerns about this.

Which category is right for my product?

This is an individual decision. We cannot help you choose a category, although we reserve the right to reject an entry if we believe the category is not appropriate. You should choose the category where your product is most likely to shine. You should consider which categories might have similar products and whether the category you choose will make sense to the judges. You might also consider how the category will play into your marketing if you win.

What if I don’t see a category for my product?

Choose one of the existing categories. The list of categories cannot be changed during the awards season. COVR reviews the list of categories each year with an eye to making the awards as relevant and self-explanatory as we can. If you have a suggestion for adding or changing categories, we’d love to hear from you.

Why do I have to submit a graphic image?

We ask for graphic images so we can use them on the COVR website when we create the web pages for voting and and when we announce Winners and Finalists.

Why do I have to send a product sample?

A product sample allows COVR to determine the suitability of an entry.

Will my sample be returned?

No. All samples become the property of COVR.

If I enter more than one category, how many product samples should I send?

Send one product sample, no matter how many categories you enter. This is a change from previous years.

Should I send brochures or promotional literature with my sample?

No. The judges will not receive copies of any brochures or promotional literature. This keeps the focus of judging on the product itself.

Why is there a deadline for entries?

Deadlines are designed to allow as much time as possible for the judging period.

When is the deadline for my category?

The deadline for each category is posted on the main awards page of the COVR website. We cannot accept entries if they are received after the deadline.

What happens if my entry is disqualified?

If your entry is disqualified because it does not meet the entry requirements or because it is incomplete, it will not be considered for this year’s awards. You will forfeit the entry fee. We will return your product sample if you send us a prepaid FedEx or UPS label.

How are entries judged?

Entries are judged by two audiences. First, by COVR’s Retail members. These are seasoned professionals from the Mind Body Spirit community spread throughout the U.S. and Canada. They are knowledgeable about the community, marketplace, trends and innovations, successful packaging, marketing, and quality content. We ask them to score entries on a variety of factors aimed to elicit their assessment about the quality and marketability of entries. Second, we solicit votes from the general public.

Scores from COVR’s retail members count 60 percent toward the total score. Votes from the general public make up the other 40 percent. The entry with the highest overall score from the aggregated ratings in each category is the Winner for that category. The second and third highest overalls scores are the Finalists for the category.

Will there be an awards banquet?

There are no plans for an awards banquet. Feedback from past years has overwhelmingly been that traveling to the awards banquet is an inconvenience for most winners.

Can I get feedback about my entry?

Yes. COVR can provide limited, general feedback to specific entries. This information is available only to the entrant. If you request it, COVR will let you know generally where your entry fell in the final rankings (top, middle, bottom) and whether any of the voters made specific comments about the product.

Can I order statutes and certificates?

Yes! Winners and Finalists can order award statues and certificates. You can also order duplicate statues and certificates to acknowledge the contributions of other team members. There is a charge for duplicate statues and a fee for shipping. If you order statues for previous years they might not be the same size and style as statues for the current year. Click here to order statues.

Revised January 1, 2017 for the 2017 Awards