Members Spotlight

Deva Designs

By Patty Shaw
Under the spotlight this month is Deva Designs. You remember them? They are the COVR 2015 Vendor of the year. I got a chance to ask Suzie some questions that will help us get to know Deva Design even better.
1. What is your inspiration when designing new products? 
We see beauty and inspiration all around us, and we try and capture that feeling and awe to share with the world. Each piece we design comes from the heart.
We design new products to help people connect with inspiration, and put them in contact with both the gentleness and strength needed in today’s demanding world. For example, Micki created the Charms of Avalon because she felt the need for particular goddess images that would reflect qualities such as love, joy, courage, and abundance, which are important to her own life, and to the lives of all women.
2. Tell us about your favorite part of being in business? 
My favorite part about running Deva Designs is connecting with and supporting such wonderful people (like all of you!) I am incredibly grateful that our work helps build inspiration, joy, and connection to spirit. Nothing means more to me than when someone tells me how a pocket charm, inspiration bracelet, or pendant that we designed helped them get through a rough spot in their lives — that it was just what they needed to tap into their own inner strength.
3. What can COVR members look forward to from Deva Designs in 2016?
In 2016, you can look forward to a bunch of fresh new products to go with your “solid-selling standbys” like the pocket charms. If you have ideas you’d like us to add to our Ideas Board, please let me know: Your success and abundance is our goal. Some specific new things you’ll see: More dragon-theme items, new heart pendants, a new project with author Christopher Penczak, and other fun things that are just sparkles in the ether right now!
Add anything else you’d like to share with COVR members.
A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to the retail members of COVR for voting us ‘Vendor of the Year’ four of the past five years running. We are grateful and honored to work alongside you. We look forward to a great 2016 with all of you!
The official stuff
Name of Business: Deva Designs
Contact Names: Suzie Heiney
Phone: 800-799-8308
Email address:
Description of business
A family-owned business, Deva Designs is now celebrating their 26th year! Their mission is to offer joyful gifts to inspire you, at prices you and your customers will love. They specialize in pocket charms, jewelry, pendulums, and inspirational gifts. Micki Baumann founded Deva Designs in 1990, with the conviction that we all need beauty in our lives, and that quality art can be offered at prices we can all afford. Micki’s daughter in law Suzie and son Bob now continue this work, with Micki focusing on what she loves most: designing wonderful new products.