COVR Member Newsletter October 2020

Welcome to Fall!

I have to admit, fall is my favorite time of year and 2020 is no exception.  In fact, I might be welcoming fall even more this year as it brings with it a gorgeous reminder of the turning of the seasons and that life is inevitably change; that whatever is happening around us, it is certain to change in the future. Wherever you live, I hope you can find ways to spend some time outside and to celebrate the mere fact of life itself.
Do you have special events you are holding in your business, or new or time-honored ideas for spurring fall and holidays sales?  Please share your magic with us on our Facebook pages -- Coalition of Visionary Resources (our public page) and COVR All Members (our private page) and tell us what you are each doing to make the most of the season.  We welcome your participation!
COVR Member Meeting
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Our annual member meeting was generally held in the past at INATS and we had planned this year's member meeting to occur at INATS 2020. Instead, we will hold our 2020 Annual Member meeting this year by teleconference on Tuesday, November 17, at 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain, and 5 pm Pacific.  We will send a newsletter the week before with the dial-in instructions. The meeting will last one hour and is for COVR members only. If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, bring and share them!
Wednesday Meditation Series!
Our Wednesday Meditations Events are underway! Hosted by COVR Board member and Member Chair Tracee Dunblazier, each offered by a different COVR member. Each meditation will occur ** LIVE ON OUR PUBLIC FACEBOOK PAGE (
on the dates in the link below at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, and 9 pm Eastern time. If you haven't liked our public page, Coalition of Visionary Resources, please visit today: ** (
See the complete schedule and list of meditations at ** (
COVR Award Categories
Publishers, authors, artists, musicians, jewelry makers -- everyone and anyone planning to enter the 2021 COVR Visionary Awards -- please take a look at the current awards categories and send your category suggestions to It is only about three months until we open the next award season and we are already at work examining changes to categories as we prepare for the upcoming Awards event. Take a look and send me an email -- I welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions! Here is the link:
** (
Gratitude for each of you!
Karen Stuth
President, Coalition of Visionary Resources
Welcome New Members!

Please join me in welcoming the following new COVR members!
Camille Armstrong
Healing Arts
** (
Kamini Gupta
Soul Art Alchemist
** (
Kerrji Severini
** (

Uplifting Your Energy in Trying Times By
Melinda Carver

As businesses in the Conscious Living community, we continually must meet expectations of our customers to be the bright shining lights of wisdom, emotional support and leadership that they are in search of.  When our customers walk into our retail, holistic center or other business establishment, we must meet their needs to find sanctuary to flourish.
With the political landscape fueled by dual fighting political machines, with the ugliness and pettiness displayed by both, these are scary times.  The anger, frustration and hopelessness created a vortex of rolling anger in our country as well as others.   Customers are in search of peaceful, happy areas to escape and rejuvenate their own energies.  They flock to our businesses to find that relief in the sanctuaries our businesses have symbolized to them.
We must smile, encourage, inspire and lead even if we are in physical or emotional pain ourselves.  We become the loving, supportive rock for these customers in search of something to feed their Soul.  Sometimes, being the rock for your customers, as well as your family, can drain our energy faster.   When you look to the political chaos happening, it also unnerves you for your future.  As we help to provide an oasis of calm, loving energy, for others, where do we find that sense of loving energy for ourselves?  Finding time to heal and raise our own energies is crucial. ** READ MORE (
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