COVR: An Origin Story by RaZaEL

My days as one of the original founding board members of the Coalition of Visionary Resources, I can remember them well. Back in the day, magic happened all the time, things going just right and magically appearing at the perfect time. COVR is a specialized Industry niche organization designed to help business owners, whether a beginner or seasoned veteran, to know how to improve and get the most from their business and advance their bottom line.

The year was 1990 and I had been researching ways to expand our fledgling new age company. I wanted more ways to be of service, and to take our work to the next level—attracting more—as Rev. JB Brown would say, in his booming sing-song voice, “Money, money, money!” Being the co-owner/founder of two mind, body, spirit companies, Marketing with The Stars, and Vortex Tours (Sedona and Asheville) I needed to draw on something other than what we were doing, for more revenue to operate our non-profit project called The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission.

1990 was not a time where money was always flowing into the coffers of the metaphysical marketplace, but lo and behold, I came across an advertisement in a new age magazine calling for all those interested in getting in on a ground floor opportunity to help a marketing service organization called COVR. They were just forming the board and needed mind, body, spirit business owners to help build it.

Those who came to assist the 3 or 4 people who started the idea would form the founding Coalition of Visionary Resources Board of Directors, and would set the pace and tone for what would be done at what is now known as INATS- The Tradeshow for Conscious Living. This is where the first meeting of COVR was held. INATS and COVR were both answers to our manifestation magic and meant literally, that as spiritualists we were going to have our own coalition; groups that would gather and celebrate each other’s work; help each other; give advice and support and honor MBS products at the COVR Visionary Awards. I was invited, as one of the board members, to serve on the awards committee. I had maybe 25-50 books sent my way to judge—best, runner up, and 3rd place.

Along with four or five other judges, the results would be tallied in about twelve different categories and would then be announced at the awards banquet at INATS, the ceremony was every bit as much fun as the Hollywood Academy Awards. I loved the idea of a Hollywood effect and counseled my co-workers that we should make it as much like the Academy Awards as we could, only with a new age world twist.

Following the awards banquet, we would have a big party where the big-name music stars of the time would play for free and thousands of us would be in a huge convention center dancing singing and just having a ball. I think it was even called the after-hours new age ball. It was a hoot!! All those magical beings of light and the ascended master’s students, with St. German and the Violet Flame; all New Age, Aquarian Age, and Golden Age-related topics – Magic – Sweet Witches, Oracle Cards & readers, Crystal vendors galore, and of course the big distributors, publishers, and wholesalers.

The following days of the conference the all-important owners and buyers for many of the mind, body, spirit book and crystal stores across the globe would meet and network, and sure enough, they all led me to the fountain head I called new age economics, it was the business at INATS and the leadership of COVR that sourced it all. Our business not only quadrupled, but now we were also leaders in our own marketing niche of the new world consciousness.

Back in the day

When COVR was conceived and then created, I remember the INATS Expo meeting room in Denver, Colorado where you could find the likes of the beautiful and wonderful creator Susie Hare, with her assistant Sherry Knudsen. There were music gurus: the Darnell Brothers—Chad Darnell became the first President of COVR, first to forge the assistance of publishers like Llewellyn with their magic and spell casting books, Red Wheel Weiser and Louise Hay who always had a great big double corner booth at INATS. New Leaf Distributors took a lead role and had great ideas for everything; and New Age Retailer now called Retailing Insight Magazine, were always available to help the MBS community, and had a great booth to do just that.

Susie Hare was the first President, and Founder, of INATS, and the creator of COVR. It was her baby, and she tended to it like it was. Susie messaged me a few months ago when she got wind, I had come to an INATS after a 23-year hiatus. One thing she said to me right off the bat was, “We sure had fun back then didn’t we Raj!? I said we sure did Susie, genuflecting nearly, I bowed my head and placed a hand on my heart, and said, “We sure did!”

She also told me that she and Sherry talk about Moira and me all the time. It brought such warmth to my heart. This is what I remembered most about the mind, body, spirit work at INATS, and through COVR, the heart connection, the loving vibration that brought us together; it made making money come easy.

I love COVR because serving on the Board, as one of the first 7 Founding Board members, I oversaw the web site and email committee. I learned a lot there, in fact it was where, 30 years ago, but seems just yesterday, that I learned how to build web sites and utilize emails for mass marketing during my tenure, and was able to receive feedback from my colleagues at COVR and INATS.
I owe them both a lot.

Being a loyalist at heart, aside from the many gifts COVR gave me, I launched a career that offered me a vigorous lifestyle via Marketing with The Stars, which I created while serving on the COVR board. I have used email marketing as a staple in our overall marketing business which has grown now to this day as the largest email marketing business (as well as the first) in the industry. Now at over 200,000 readers—the stock, the base, all came from where it started, at COVR and INATS 30 years ago.

All this, and so much more I learned at COVR by volunteering and getting to know my counterparts in the industry. I say all this because you too can learn things as a member of COVR, by getting involved. The information you gather and the relationships you create will be with your company all its life. We would always say, we need your help to make COVR a true coalition that serves all our members in the MBS marketplace. If everyone would give the organization just a bit of attention and assistance, call on them to see how you can be of service, we can go far and help more—this organization is committed to the success of their members.
After all, isn’t that what it is all about, Service first, bottom line 2nd. I encourage you all to reach out and volunteer for COVR.
A.k.a. Dr. Raja Merk Dove D.D., N.D. (Ret)
Gnostic Knight Templar, Pleiadean Senior Ambassador, Cosmic Oracle Reader, eMarketer & Holistic Wellness Physician
Email: ra@stardoves.com Telephone: 575.770.5426
www.StarDoves.com; www.MarketingwithTheStars.com

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