Members Spotlight

Copper Cauldron

Under the spotlight this month is Copper Cauldron Publishing owned by Steve Kenson and Christopher Penczak. They carry many titles that cover Metaphysics, Witchcraft, World Religions and Healing. Please visit their website and see the high quality work coming out of the Copper Cauldron.

1. What is the vision (or mission) of your company?
Copper Cauldron Publishing produces Witchcraft and metaphysical books-fifteen titles to-date. We started out primarily publishing the works of company partner Christopher Penczak but have also published books by other authors, including the first new books from renowned Witchcraft author and activist Laurie Cabot, the “Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts” in over fifteen years.
We see Copper Cauldron as an opportunity to produce a variety of books on topics of interest to the Neo-Pagan and Witchcraft communities, often books that are important to those communities, such as Christopher Penczak’s Foundations of the Temple and Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows, which have historic and communal as well as practical value, but which might not draw the attention and resources of traditional mainstream publishers.
2. Tell us what is your inspiration for the books you’ve published?
Our titles come very much from the practical experiences of our authors. Laurie Cabot’s Book of Shadows, for example, is a compendium of decades of her practice of Witchcraft and that of her students and initiates of the Cabot Tradition. Christopher Penczak’s books grow out of his own practice, teachings, and classes. Tastes from the Temple, edited by “The Kitchen Witch,” Dawn Hunt is a collection of recipes with personal stories and magickal correspondences from a Witchcraft community, while Twenty-one Days of Reiki reflect author Adam Sartwell’s experiences and experimentation with combining Reiki and magickal technique.
This approach makes Copper Cauldron’s titles aimed at readers interested in the application of magickal and Witchcraft knowledge and experience to their own practice.
3. What can COVR members look forward to seeing from Copper Cauldron Publishing this year?
We have a number of different titles in development, including The Casting of Spells by Christopher Penczak, a straight-forward and practical spell-design book, along with a second book from Adam Sartwell on working with animal totems based on a year-long experience. Because we’re a relatively small publisher, we don’t promote or solicit titles too far in advance before they’re ready (or nearly ready) for release, since it allows us a lot of flexibility in terms of our schedule.
4. Do you offer a discount to COVR members?
Copper Cauldron doesn’t offer discounts but rather focuses on offering our titles wholesale at the lowest discount we can: 50% off cover price to recognized retailers. We’re always happy to work with retailers and shops, regardless of the size of the order, although we’re also distributed through New Leaf and Ingram for their convenience.
5. Is there anything else you would like to say to COVR members about Copper Cauldron Publishing or in general?
Copper Cauldron Publishing is proud to be a part of the broad range of visionary products and services offered by COVR members, whether vendors or retailers, and we’re happy to work with retailers interested in our titles but unsure of how to sell or promote them to their communities and customers.
Anyone can find us at and contact us via email at
Address: 49 North Policy Road, Salem, New Hampshire 03079
Phone: 888-756-6866