Benefits Spotlight

Community Networking

Did you know? COVR offers year-round opportunities for networking with other COVR members, your colleagues in the Mind-Body-Spirit community. One active forum is the “COVR All Members” group on Facebook. This is a closed and private group, which means that posts you make there are not publicly seen on your other Facebook friends’ wall or news feeds. It’s a great place to ask questions about sources for products, asking others how they handle various situations, sharing good news (or commiserating about frustrating news), and getting to know other COVR members.

To get started: If you’re not in the “COVR All Members” group yet, please contact our office and we will help set up your access. When you’re set up, we encourage you to hop in to COVR All Members, see the current conversations, add your own thoughts, and ask questions to the other members.