Choosing a Category

If you are having problems choosing an award category, here are some things to think about.

Past winners tell us that choosing a category is a marketing decision:

  1. Think about how your customers would describe your product. If someone who doesn’t know your name is looking for your product, what would they ask for (or search Google for)? If they walk into a store, which section will they look in?
  2. Think about your own marketing design. If you win, which of the categories would you most like to see on your award? Which category would give the biggest boost to your marketing?
  3. Think about whether the judges and the general public will think your product belongs in the category you are considering. Who else is likely to enter this year? Would your product fit in with the others?
  4. Look at the past winners in the categories you are considering. Is your product similar to theirs? Or is your product more similar to the winners in a different category?

Remember, the rules allow you to enter more than one category, although COVR reserves the right to refuse entries that we believe do not fall within the scope of a particular category.