2024 Visionary Awards Categories

The following are the entry categories for the 2024 COVR Visionary Awards. The entry fee is per category and is non-refundable. All eligible entries must have been introduced to the commercial market during 2021, 2022, or 2023, unless otherwise noted.


  • AUDIO & VISUAL: Audio Books – Delivered in electronic audio format to the public; audio versions of printed books are allowed.
  • AUDIO & VISUAL: E-Books – Books delivered solely in electronic format to the public; cannot be a digital version of a printed book.
  • AUDIO & VISUAL: Iconic Audio & Visual – Audio & Visual content introduced to the commercial market in or before 2020.
  • AUDIO & VISUALvideo series specifically aimed at the Mind/Body/Spirit industry.

  • BOOKS: Aging Consciously Books – Books to help shift the relationship to aging, inclusivity, and health and longevity over age 50.
  • BOOKS: Almanacs, Calendars & Datebooks – Printed calendars, almanacs, and datebooks available to the commercial market in 2023.
  • BOOKS: Anthologies – Books organized under a central theme that offer written works of either (1) a thematic collection of written works by various authors, or (2) a thematic collection of written works by a single author.  The collection must be presented under a single binding or single e-book title.
  • BOOKS: Art Books – Primarily containing photos, prints, drawings, or reproductions of works of art.
  • BOOKS: Astrology Books – Books pertaining to the study and practice of astrology, the zodiac, horoscopes, and planetary aspects.
  • BOOKS: Conscious Business Books – Conscious leadership, ethical consumerism, and successful business practices.
  • BOOKS: Crystals & Gemstone Books – Crystals, stones, gems, and minerals.
  • BOOKS: Dream Books – Recognize and interpret the significance and symbolism of dreams and their messages, learn to remember dreams, and practice lucid dreaming.
  • BOOKS: Folk Magic Books – Folk practices such as Hoodoo, Conjure, Brujería, Rootwork, Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Craft, Appalachian Folk Magic, and Granny Magic.
  • BOOKS: Journals – Printed books for recording thoughts, experiences, and observations.
  • BOOKS: LGBTQ+ Books – Mind/Body/Spirit books written specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • BOOKS: Paranormal Books – Paranormal phenomena, ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, and parapsychology research.
  • BOOKS: Poetry Books – A single book of poetry for the
  • BOOKS: Psychic Development Books – Exploring and developing intuition and psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance, mediumship, astral projection, psychometry, and empathic abilities.
  • BOOKS: Rising to the Challenge Books – Created to help the global community face contemporary challenges in a modern world.
  • BOOKS: Tarot Books – Written for the practice, instruction, and study of the Tarot. (Note: For Tarot books that are only available with an accompanying Tarot deck, use the PRODUCTS: Tarot Card Decks category.)
  • .
  • BOOKS: World Spirituality Books – Spiritual practices and indigenous traditions from cultures around the world, including Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, Hellenism, African Traditional Religions, and Afro-Caribbean practices such as Vodou, Santeria, Candomble, Ifá, Obeah, and others. (Note: Books based on Judeo-Christian-Islamic teachings or principles should enter the


    • For oracle cards, please use the)
    • PRODUCTS: Dream Products – Designed to help interpret dreams or practice lucid dreaming, including card decks, dream pillows, dreamcatchers, and other tools to assist with dreaming. (Note: For books about dreams, use the BOOKS: Dream Books category. For dream journals, use the BOOKS: Journals category.)
    • PRODUCTS: Oracle Card Decks – Card decks and sets designed to provide divination and foresight.
    • PRODUCTS: Tarot Card Decks – Card decks and sets based on traditional and contemporary Tarot design. (Note: For Tarot books not packaged with a Tarot deck, use the BOOKS: Tarot Books category.)
    • PRODUCTS: Wisdom Card Decks – Card decks and sets designed to instill wisdom, inspire innovation, and cultivate self-awareness.
    PLEASE NOTE: COVR cannot advise or suggest categories for entry. COVR reserves the right to determine final eligibility and category placement on all submissions.
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