Entry Submission Instructions

Thank you for your entry in the COVR Visionary Awards. We wish you the best of luck in this year’s awards!

Please print or save this page as you will need this information to complete your entry.

The next step is to send one sample of each product you entered to the COVR Awards Director.

Mail your sample(s) to:

Alex Fernandez
Attn: COVR Awards
5356 S. 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68127

If your entry is published in a physical format that is available to the market, such as a book, CD, DVD, photo print, etc., then a physical sample must be sent in for your entry to be complete. Submissions in certain digital-only AUDIO & VISUAL categories do not require a physical product sample but do require proof through a working website address URL. Please note: Entrants are responsible for maintaining all submitted URL’s. COVR cannot fix, change, republish, or edit any entries whose URL’s include broken links.

The entry form, the entry fee, a product graphic, must be received by March 22, 2024. A product sample must be postmarked by the deadline date as well. Entries that are incomplete after that date will be disqualified without refund. We cannot allow any exceptions to this.

Product samples, including disqualified entries, become the property of COVR. Items will not be returned. Do not send product literature with your entry. Jewelry entrants may request the return of “one-of-a-kind” jewelry samples after displaying, if return shipping is paid. Please contact alex@covr.org at the time of entry if you would like your jewelry sample to be returned.

When voting opens, you will receive a public voting link you can share.

Winners will be announced at the COVR Visionary Awards Event June.

Because of the volume of inquiries we often receive during the Awards process, please email your questions to the COVR Awards Director at alex@covr.org rather than calling. We will do our best to respond promptly within 1-3 business days.
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