2023 COVR Visionary Awards Rules & Timeline

Welcome to the 2023 COVR Visionary Awards! The awards are chaired by COVR Board Vice President & Awards Director, Alex Fernandez.

We encourage you to read the following rules closely, study the product categories, complete your application carefully, and submit timely your application, fee, and product sample(s). NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. 

There are several new product categories. Please note that COVR cannot advise applicants in selecting categories or in submitting their entries.  

NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. Because of the volume of calls we often receive during the Awards process, please email your questions to alex@covr.org rather than calling. We will do our best to respond promptly.


  • The 2023 timeline for the COVR Visionary Awards will be as follows:
    • January 1st – 31st Early-bird entry period open! ($75 early-bird entry fee)
    • February 1st – March 15th Regular entry period open. ($85 entry fee)
    • March 15th Entries close — Entry forms and product samples must be received by Awards Director by March 15, 2023. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • March 27th Voter’s Guide published.
    • April 3rd Voting opens.
    • April 21st Voting closes.
    • May 1st Finalists announced.
    • Winners announced at the COVR Visionary Awards Banquet in June 2023 at INATS!


  • OVERARCHING RULE:  WHETHER A PRIOR ENTRY WINS IN ANY CATEGORY OR NOT, IT MAY NOT BE ENTERED AGAIN IN ANY CATEGORY EXCEPT ICONIC, EVEN IN THE CASE OF SUBSTANTIALLY REVISED, UPDATED, OR LATER EDITIONS.  This includes books, products, music, jewelry or content that has been revised, updated, re-released or later editions, even if released under a new publishing company or imprint. Please refer to the 2023 COVR Visionary Awards entry form for further clarification.

  • ENTRY INFORMATION: You may not enter an entire product line, series, or brand; each submission must consist of a single product, item, or body of work (with the exception of the Book Series category). Please choose your samples, product photos, URL’s, and entry information carefully so that your entry best represents your work. Once submitted, all entries are final. All information will be copied exactly as it is submitted on the entry form. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES TO PHOTOS OR LINKS ONCE ENTRIES HAVE CLOSED AND THE VOTER’S GUIDE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED.
  • ENTRY CATEGORGIES: COVR reserves the right to move an entry into another category if we believe it would be better suited there. You will be contacted first before any category changes are made.
  • ENTRY LINKS: Entrants are responsible for maintaining all submitted URL’s. COVR will not fix, change, republish, or edit any entries whose URL’s include broken links. We encourage all entrants to submit links where voters may view and/or purchase the submitted product or media. For digital AUDIO & VISUAL entries we strongly encourage you to submit links where voters may view or listen to samples of your work.
  • ICONIC CATEGORIES: New or previous entries or revised or re-released or updated editions may enter the Iconic category according to the copyright year, but may only be entered one time into the Iconic category. Please note that Iconic entries are not eligible for People’s Choice, Industry Choice, or ‘Of the Year’ awards. Entries submitted as Iconic products must have been introduced to the commercial market in 2019 or earlier.
  • “VISIONARY” CATEGORIES: Entries placed in the Visionary categories cannot enter any other categories.
  • ELIGIBLITY DATES: Applicants may submit books and products with a copyright and release date of either 2020, 2021, or 2022. AUDIO & VISUAL submission must have been in existence through 2022. Any submission not available to the commercial market during or before these dates will not be accepted for the 2023 COVR Visionary Awards.
  • JEWELRY PRODUCT SAMPLES: Entries in Jewelry categories can be returned after they have been displayed at INATS in June but entrants must pay for return postage.
  • AUDIO & VISUAL SAMPLES: All digital media must include a link to a sample of the submission. Please do not send or attach audio files.
  • INELIGIBLE ENTRIES: Any submission deemed ineligible by COVR will not be accepted. Any samples will not be returned once received. Any entrants that do not fully complete entry before the deadline will have their entry disqualified and will not be refunded.
  • WINNER’S EVENT*: Winners will be announced at the COVR Visionary Awards Banquet in June 2023 at INATS. You will be notified in advance by email if you are a finalist. *Any event changes will be communicated via email.
  • STICKERS AND STATUES: Applicants agree that if they are selected for an award they may not create their own winner stickers or statues or their awards will be revoked without notice. There will be an optional charge for awards statues, award seals, and an optional licensing fee for use of the COVR digital awards image when imprinted on the product itself. By entering the COVR Visionary Awards, entrants agree to all these terms and conditions.
  • COVR MEMBERSHIP: All entrants should consider joining COVR prior to entry and prior to votingCOVR votes are weighted to account for 60% of the total votes and often determine the outcome of each category of entries. A large number of public, non-COVR votes cannot overcome a shortage of COVR votes; therefore, we encourage each entrant to consider joining COVR.  Membership benefits are substantial and are discussed on this website. The voting rules and procedures are also discussed on the Awards menu above.


Revised November 15, 2022