About the COVR Visionary Awards

Each year COVR gives Visionary Awards to entries selected from among the best new products, electronic media, jewelry, music and books in the Mind/Body/Spirit marketplace. Our Visionary Awards are the only awards of their kind in our industry.

Why enter the COVR Awards?

Our retailers are passionate about new products, the next best seller, and the next undiscovered gem. Help them find you and give them a reason to put your book, music, or product in their stores.

Winners, whether Gold, Silver, or Bronze, enjoy many tools to further share their exceptional works with the world. Awards help authors, filmmakers, product developers, musicians, jewelers and all entrants to promote their endeavors. Our website features each title with images and direct links to buy/explore your work (first in the form of a voter’s guide and later in the form of a shopper’s guide.) The press release and promotional work we do drives attention to your title in addition to what you can do if you are an award winner.

The honor of an award is newsworthy and proven to influence retailers and distributors in their choice in the moment of purchasing. The COVR Visionary Awards have built a reputation over the past 25+ years as an awards program that embodies that which it is designed to celebrate — excellence. Many thousands of people from around the world vote in the COVR awards, provided extremely affordable exposure to many consumers, buyers, vendors, and distributors who serve the Mind Body Spirit industry. Winners who take good advantage of their award most often reap increased sales in the following year. People who find winning entries in stores are encouraged through the presence of award stickers to choose those products over competing products without any differentiating symbol of excellence.

Let us help you celebrate your work and help you share your accomplishments with the Mind Body Spirit industry!

How does it work?

Here is a simple overview of the Visionary Awards process:

  1. Creators, vendors, and publishers submit their best new products.
  2. Voters choose the best submissions in each category.
  3. COVR tabulates the results. The entry with the highest score in each category is the winner.
  4. COVR emails finalists and announces the winners at the annual Visionary Awards Event at INATS.

How do I enter the awards?

  • Check the list of categories on the Categories page to see the current list.
  • Check the 2021 COVR Awards Rules, Program Changes, and Timeline page for the 2021 Awards Schedule and other information.
  • Read the Voting and Judging page to familiarize yourself with our voting procedures.
  • Fill out the online entry form. You will submit this form and a high-resolution graphic file of your product, along with your entry fee of $80 per product per category.
  • Ship one product sample to the COVR Office:  COVR, PO Box 1397, Palmer Lake, CO  80133
  • Make sure all your materials arrive before the closing date.
  • The day before voting begins, you will receive a link to share with your customers for voting.
  • Organize a social media campaign or other publicity campaign to publicize your entry and ask your fans to vote for your product. If you are a COVR member, you may reach out ONE TIME during the voting process to educate members about your entry.

NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. Because of the volume of calls we often receive during the Awards process, please email your questions to info@covr.org rather than calling us. We will do our best to respond promptly.

Revised January 7, 2021