April 2017 Member Newsletter


COVR is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Book and Music Awards. Top honors go to G.W. Wilkins for Apollo the Misguided Missile, submitted by Satiama, LLC, for 2017 Book of the Year, and to Barry Goldstein for The Secret Language of the Heart Vibrational Program, submitted by Barry Goldstein Music, for 2017 Music of the Year. You can see a complete list of winners in each category by visiting the List of Winners page at the COVR website.

While you’re there, please enjoy our new website design, still in process. Many thanks to The Incandescent Group, who donated their time to the building of our new site.

COVR award entries are now open in the Products, Jewelry, and Electronics categories. Entries will close on May 1 and winners will be announced on June 1. The Electronics categories are back by popular demand. We have two new categories, one for Blogs and one for Podcasts and Radio Shows. For more information see the announcement on the COVR website by clicking here.

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April COVR Member Profile

Sarina Baptisa:
Teacher, Author, Psychic, Medium

Sarina Baptista is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, author and psychic Medium. She was a featured speaker for the “Life, Death and Beyond” International Conference in Crete, Greece, and is the resident psychic for iHeartMedia’s Big Country 97.9FM. She has authored three books to date, and speaks around the country about her experiences and what she has learned from her son on the other side. Her mission is to help you find purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self, create the bridge for conversation with loved ones who have passed, and mentor psychics and mediums to be master messengers.

Noted Sarina,”We are all psychic. We can all receive answers to life’s questions from that Divine part of us still in Spirit. What I do is teach how to cross that bridge so connection is clear. Along this path are our loved ones who have crossed and our Divine Helpers, all eager to assist us however they can. So learning to connect with our Soul is also learning how to connect with all souls.

“As COVR members, we already have that drive to understand and experience more in these bodies than many of our human traveling companions. This makes it easier to hone our innate intuitive skills because we are ready for the next step. For COVR members only, I am offering a 25% on all private sessions with me, including long distance mentoring and psychic/mediumship training. Visit my website to see what calls to you, and use coupon code COVR when scheduling. I look forward to traveling with you on this exciting adventure!”

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Save Marketing Dollars with Social Media

Okay, I know a handful of you are already cringing, because to you, social media is synonymous with having a tooth pulled, or something even worse. But you’ve heard it maybe several hundred times: whether you are a small business owner, an author, artist, musician, healer or anyone else seeking to bring your work or business to public attention, you must use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy and marketing mix. 

And keep this in mind:  social media is simply about building relationships.

The major social media include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. 
I’m sure you’ve seen lists of reasons why, but let’s look at the most important reasons social media is so important for small business owners:


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Business Questions Corner
by Cindy Odorizzi, Magical Omaha
Question:  I have heard that Square is starting to cancel new age or metaphysical accounts. I use Square; should I be concerned?Answer:  Yes, unfortunately, you should be. Square has an ‘occult clause’ where they can cease doing business with anyone they deem as dealing in occult or metaphysical services.  It was originally thought of as just boiler plate lingo but now Square is enforcing it This includes businesses that sell tarot decks.  I have heard from five different stores that Square has booted them. Many stores are still using Square successfully but I would have a backup ready. Paypal offers the same services and also offers a POS card swiper. I would set that up as a backup. Paypal remains neutral on products and services sold as long as they are legal.
COVR Retail Focus Groups for Your New Products

by Suzie Heiney, Deva Designs

COVR paid members can take advantage of member-exclusive benefits, including this month’s Spotlight Benefit: Retail Virtual Focus Groups for Your New Products.

Did you know? If you are a vendor, artist, or anyone else who creates new products for the Mind-Body-Spirit industry, COVR offers Retail Focus Groups, as a perk of your COVR membership.  These ‘focus groups’ consist of vendors, authors, artists, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and publishers, who will individually examine and provide wonderful market research feedback. The Retail Focus Group Program places your product into the hands of five or more Retailers, for only $100, to get opinions, insight and suggestions on that product. This is an extremely valuable way for a vendor to test a prototype before bringing it to market.Results are confidential and can help you to avoid small or large mistakes which could cost you a lot to correct.

To learn more or to get started, contact the COVR office by emailing to get started on the process of getting a Retail Focus Group to provide feedback on your product.  Don’t miss out on this highly affordable source of feedback and insight from some of the most experienced and successful members of the Mind Body Spirit market space.

Retailers, if you’re willing to serve as a volunteer on a Retail Focus Group, please contact the COVR office and help contribute to the quality of new products in our marketplace.  Thank you!