Ethical Guidelines for COVR Members

Adopted by the COVR Board of Directors, May 14, 2015.

COVR is a trade organization that supports both retailers and wholesalers. COVR does not dictate business practices to anyone. Our goal is to promote both retail and wholesale in the Mind, Body and Spirit market and to foster understanding and communication. In that regard, COVR offers the following guidelines to our members.

Ethical Guidelines for All Members

  • Be Professional. When representing your business as a COVR member, refrain from badmouthing others, smearing reputations or products, and acting in an inappropriate manner.
  • Have Integrity. Do as you say you will. If you promise something, provide it.
  • Be Respectful. Respecting others’ beliefs, ideas, and business plans is important, even when you disagree.

Ethical Guidelines for Wholesalers

  • Recognize that selling direct to consumers can create resentment among retailers. If this is your business model, communicate it to your retail customers.
  • Don’t sell your products direct to consumers at a price plus shipping that is less than your retail customers charge.
  • Promote the retailers that carry your products. Guide consumers to a store in their area or to the website of another COVR member that carries your products.
  • If you see a unique product from another wholesaler, do not copy it.

Ethical Guidelines for Retailers

  • Don’t carry “knock off” products, where one wholesaler has copied a product from another wholesaler.
  • If you have concerns about wholesalers selling direct to consumers, ask those questions when you open a new account or place an order.
  • Pay your wholesalers on time.


  • If you believe another COVR member is not following these guidelines, please let us know. These guidelines are not mandatory, but COVR takes a keen interest in business practices throughout our industry.
  • If both parties agree, COVR has volunteer mediators who will work with you and the other person to settle disputes about orders, shipping, payments, and billing.

In short, be professional, have integrity, and be respectful of other COVR members. There is plenty for everyone. Cultivate good customer relationships and prosperity will be yours!