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Promote success in the New Age business community

Note From the President

By Margaret Ann Lembo

This trade organization, COVR, has a goal. That goal is to promote success in the New Age business community. Community is the core word here. This COVR community offers you a lot. Are you using the benefits?

Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to grow your business? I believe most of you do. Take a few minutes to share with fellow COVR members. We, the COVR community, have the benefit of the internet on our side as we help each other. Make sure to use the membership list to connect with fellow members by phone or email as well as utilize the Yahoo based newsgroups. The more you give, the more you get. Willingness to share information is key to increasing your business. Offering others some of your own good ideas helps them to grow, which often yields a multifold benefit return for you.

Here are some tips:

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