Benefits Spotlight

Member Product Discounts

Did you know that COVR offers year-round exclusive vendor discounts to members, FREE with your COVR membership? The COVR Discounts Program is COVR’s first step in bringing exceptional products to you at a discounted price.

Are you a retailer?  You can take advantage of these offers to get special discounts and promotions. Your COVR membership could pay for itself very quickly, thanks to discounts from other COVR members.

Are you a vendor, author, artist, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and/or publisher? You’re invited to encourage the sales of your products to COVR members by offering discounts or incentives.  What a great way to increase your marketing footprint at no additional cost to you!

To take advantage of this member benefit, sign in to the COVR website with your login to view the list of exclusive discounts just for you!

To submit a new discount or update your offer, please contact the COVR office at 303-758-0007 for help in getting set up in this program.