INATS Vendors

INATS Vendors: Energize Your Customers

If you are planning to attend INATS or any other trade show, COVR can help you reach out to potential buyers.

As you know, a successful show is one with a lot of buyers. The best way to energize your booth is to make sure your own customers know you’ll be there.

We asked vendor members to share their most successful strategies for getting their customers to INATS, and we’re sharing the list with you

  1. Sponsoring: Sponsor one of your favorite customers to attend INATS, especially if they have never attended. This could take many forms and will look different for every vendor. Possibilities include offering a stipend for travel costs, an extra discount on their show order, free product, free shipping, etc.
  2. Mail: Mail a postcard or letter to your customers and prospects letting them know you’ll be at INATS, asking them to attend, and highlighting your show specials, new items, etc. (For printing & mailing services, Zoo Printing & PS Print are two online resources COVR vendors have used. Vendors have found postcards to be a great, cost-effective marketing touch.
  3. Email: Email your customers and prospects to tell them you’ll be at INATS and ask them to attend. Consider sending announcement-style, single-issue emails with key information (Name, dates, location) once a month until the show. If you already do a newsletter-style email to your customers & prospects, you can also include an INATS reminder within your regular newsletter each month until the show.
  4. Social Media: Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr? Pinterest? Wherever you are, make sure your followers know you’ll be at INATS. Since not everyone sees every post, you’ll want to post information at least once a month until the show, to make sure your announcements are seen. If you take a moment to schedule in advance on your calendar which days you plan to post the announcements, it’s easy to remember make a quick post when that day arrives each month.

Hope you find these ideas helpful. We look forward to seeing you at INATS!

Need help with a postcard (2014)?

Encourage your customers to visit you at INATS. Vendors have found postcards to be a great, cost-effective marketing touch. If you need help with preparing a postcard, borrow our pre-designed card.

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