2017 COVR Visionary Awards

Visionary Award Winner EmblemEach year COVR gives Visionary Awards to winners selected from the best products in the Mind Body Spirit marketplace.

COVR is pleased to announce the winners of the 20th Annual Visionary Awards.

Visionary Book Awards

The top honor, 2017 Book of the Year, goes to G.W. Wilkins for Apollo the Misguided Missile, submitted by Satiama, LLC.

Full List of Winners. The winners include:

Autobiographical and Biographical Books: Gerardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac, The God Molecule, submitted by Divine Arts.

Children’s and Teen’s Books: W. Wilkins, Apollo the Misguided Missile, submitted by Satiama, LLC.

Coloring Books: Donna DeNomme, Turtle Wisdom Playbook: A Motivational Coloring Adventure, submitted by Wild Success 4 You.

Contemporary Spirituality Books: Klaire D. Roy, The Circle of Initiates – Past and Present, submitted by Orange Palm Publications.

Divination Books: Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra, Chrysalis Tarot, submitted by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Health and Healing Books: Ellen Evert Hopman, Secret Medicines from Your Garden, submitted by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.

Iconic Books: Richard Singer, Eastern Wisdom Western Soul, submitted by DeVorss & Company.

Personal Growth and Self-Help Books: Barry Goldstein, The Secret Language of the Heart, submitted by Barry Goldstein Music.

Reincarnation, Death, and Dying Books: Jeffrey Long, M.D. with Paul Perry, God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience, submitted by HarperCollins.

Shamanism and Wicca Books: Christopher Penczak, The Casting of Spells, submitted by Copper Cauldron Publishing.

Visionary Fiction Books: Joan Pillen, Fork in the Road: Heroes, Healers and Happy Campers, Adventure Seekers Saga Series, Book Three, submitted by Empowered Whole Being Press.

Visionary Music Awards

The top honor, 2017 Music of the Year, goes to Barry Goldstein for The Secret Language of the Heart Vibrational Program, submitted by Barry Goldstein Music.

Full List of Winners. The winners include:

Frequency & Transformational Music: to Barry Goldstein for The Secret Language of the Heart Vibrational Program, submitted by Barry Goldstein Music.

Guided Meditation: Anita Moorjani and Barry Goldstein, Heaven: An Experiential Journey, submitted by Anita Moorjani and Barry Goldstein.

Iconic Music: David & Steve Gordon, Drum Medicine, submitted by Sequoia Records.

Sound Healing Music: Dean Evenson, Stillness, submitted by Soundings of the Planet.

World Fusion Music: Yang Wei, Expression Through the Pipa, submitted by Wind Music.

Visionary Product Awards

Visionary Product and Visionary Jewelry awards will be announced June 1, 2017.

Previous Winners of the COVR Visionary Awards

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