COVR Visionary Award Categories

COVR reviews the award categories each year and makes adjustments to assure we are keeping up with industry trends.

We encourage entrants to enter as many categories as are appropriate. This provides your product a greater chance to succeed in our awards program.

Please note that category winners from prior years may not enter the same product or title again, except in the case of substantially revised or later editions. Those winners might be eligible for one of the Iconic categories instead. Please refer to COVR Visionary Award Rules on our website for clarification.

See the schedule for entries here.


  • Alternative Science Books – Books about emerging science, including ancient mysteries, archaeology, paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, psychology, Enneagram, and UFOs.
  • Audio Books/E-books  (new in 2018) – Books delivered in electronic or digital format to the public; can be a digital version of a book with a copyright earlier than 2017, but digital version must be new in 2017
  • Autobiographical and Biographical Books – Books about personal experience or that tell a biographical story.
  • Best Book Cover Design (new in 2018) – Cover includes both front and back of the book.
  • Best Book Illustration (new in 2018) – Illustration and/or design of the book, not including the outside cover or dust jacket.
  • Book Series (new in 2018) – 3 or more volumes or titles connected as a named series.
  • Children’s and Teen’s Books – Books written specifically for children and teenagers.
  • Coloring Books – Books with pictures intended for coloring as a tool for centering, meditation, or relaxation.
  • Contemporary Spirituality Books – Books that include material about Eastern religions, Kabbalah, alternative Christianity, angels, and other alternative philosophies and spiritualities.
  • Divination Books – Books about divination systems, such as astrology, Tarot, runes, oracles, pendulums, numerology, palmistry, dowsing, and games. Note: If the book is packaged with a product, use the Divination or Tarot product category.
  • Earth Justice & Social Justice – Books about the environment and social issues.
  • Feng Shui Books – Books about Feng Shui, Vaastu, sacred space, and other spatial energy systems.
  • Health and Healing Books – Books that promote optimum health, including Ayurveda, Reiki, herbalism, crystals and stones, and holistic practices, including yoga, mudras, akido, tai chi, xigong, and Tantra.
  • Iconic Books – Books published and introduced to the commercial market in or before 2014.
  • Personal Growth & Self Help Books – Books that inspire, explore or promote mindfulness and consciousness, personal growth, intuitive development, self-help, how-to, and addiction and co-dependency.
  • Pets and Animals Books – Books about pets, animals, and animal communication.
  • Reincarnation, Death, and Dying Books – Books about reincarnation, the afterlife, death, dying, and grieving.
  • Self-published Books (new in 2018) – Books published by the author or the author’s own publishing company.
  • Shamanism and Wicca Books – Books about Wicca, paganism, shamanism, spirit guides, earth-based practices, indigenous and world religions, as well as magick and ritual, including spells, incantations, candles, crystals, stones, and potions.
  • Visionary Books – Books that that are targeted to the Mind/Body/Spirit community and do not fit any of the other Book categories.
  • Visionary Fiction Books – Fiction books with metaphysical, paranormal, fantasy, or spiritual content.
  • Uplifting or Inspirational Books – Books whose content or subject matter is purpose-built to uplift or inspire the human experience.


  • Apps – Applications downloaded by a user to a mobile device that centers around Mind/Body/Spirit topics.
  • Blogs – Internet content published regularly that centers on Mind/Body/Spirit topics.
  • Films (new in 2018) – A film of any length whose subject matter centers around Mind/Body/Spirit topics.
  • Podcasts and Radio Shows – Internet programming that centers around Mind/Body/Spirit topics.


  • Iconic Jewelry – Jewelry designs introduced to the commercial market in or before 2014.
  • Jewelry with Stones – Jewelry composed of any type of metal together with precious or semi-precious stones.
  • Metal Jewelry – Jewelry composed of non-precious metal, such as pewter and stainless steel, without stones.
  • Precious Metal Jewelry – Jewelry composed of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum, without stones.
  • Visionary Jewelry – Jewelry that does not fit any of the other jewelry categories, such as beaded jewelry, fused glass jewelry, and other jewelry that does not contain metal or precious or semi-precious stones.


  • Frequency & Transformational Music – Music designed to change an inner state or shift consciousness or support body work or healing.
  • Guided Meditations – Spoken word meditations, with or without music.
  • Iconic Music – Music produced and introduced to the commercial market in or before 2014.
  • Meditation Music – Music without words or lyrics designed for meditation or relaxation, including chants, and nature sounds.
  • Multimedia Music – Music combined with visual images designed for meditation or relaxation.
  • Visionary Music – Music that is targeted to the Mind/Body/Spirit community and does not fit any of the other Music categories above.
  • World Fusion Music – Music influenced by world cultures or cross-cultural fusions, such as Celtic, African, Indian or other international influences.


  • Aroma Products – Products designed to uplift the spirit through scent, including incense, aromatherapy, candles, essential oils, etc.
  • Charms and Talismans – Products designed to be carried for inspiration, luck, and protection.
  • Divination Products – Products designed for divination, such as runes, oracles, pendulums, dowsing, numerology, and games. Note: For Tarot products, use the Tarot Products category below.
  • Herbs, Teas, and Herbal Products – Products relating to herbs and herbal arts, such as herbs, teas, and other herbal products.
  • Home Décor, Clothing, and Textile Products – Products designed for personal wear, or for home or garden decoration, such as statues, figurines, chimes, and wall hangings.
  • Iconic Products – Products introduced to the commercial market in 2014 or before.
  • Inspirational/Transformational Products – Products designed to engage the mind or inspire and uplift the buyer, such as charms, greeting cards, posters, self-help, etc.
  • Instructional Products – CDs and DVDs designed for instruction or self-help.
  • Manifestation Products – Products designed to focus intention, such as spell kits, ritual objects, intention candles, and aids to visualization.
  • Paper Products – Products created from paper, such as greeting cards and posters.
  • Personal Products – Products designed to engage the body, such as healing, massage, yoga materials, stones, crystals, etc.
  • Tabletop Games (new in 2018) Games in physical (rather than digital or electronic) format based on subject matter or including content that centers on or includes Mind/Body/Spirit topics or elements.
  • Tarot Products – Products based on the Tarot, including tarot decks. Note: For Tarot books not packaged with a Tarot deck, use the Tarot Books category. For other types of divination use the Divination Books or Divination Products category.
  • Visionary Products – Products that are targeted to the Mind/Body/Spirit community and that don’t fit any of the other Product categories.


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Revised January 19, 2018