COVR Committees

Being part of an organization should be much more than just paying your dues. To get the full benefit of any group participation is essential. It helps bring you together with others that have the same goals and interests that you do.

COVR is fortunate to have many active and talented people that help to continue to move the organization in directions that will benefit all members. We have several committees that could use additional members and this is your chance to step up and be more than just a ‘dues paying’ member of your community.

Here is a list of a few committees that would love to have your help. Meetings are held through conference calls so you don’t even have to leave home to take part in making your industry better for all involved.

Budget. This is a once a year commitment to establish an operating budget for the coming year. Membership in this committee is open to COVR board members only.

Membership. This active committee is working hard to increase our membership so that we can be of service to more people in our industry. Membership in this committee is open to all COVR members.

Education. The goal of this committee is to improve the information available to members to help them succeed in their business. Currently working on content for the website that would inform and educate on aspects of sound business practices. Membership in this committee is open to all COVR members.

Mentoring. For new or established businesses looking for help in moving forward or finding answers to problems this is an invaluable service. We match experienced business people with those needing help. If you have experience and would like to share it in a one-on-one situation this is for you. Membership in this committee is open to all COVR members. The names of these committee members are not made public.

Newsletter. Help find or write content for the newsletter that goes out to all members each month. This committee is always looking for new ideas and articles. Membership in this committee is open to all COVR members.

Website. The COVR website is our most effective way of reaching out to our community. If you have ideas about how to make the site better this is the committee for you. Membership in this committee is open to all COVR members.

If you have an extra couple of hours a month this could be your way to help become more involved in your business community. Please call the COVR office if you would like to help.