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Announcing the 2016 Visionary Product Awards

Visionary Award Winner Emblem

Visionary Award Winner Emblem

COVR is pleased to announce the winners and finalists of COVR’s 2016 Visionary Product Awards.

The top honors go to:

  • 2016 Product of the Year: Edmund Zebrowski for Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand, submitted by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
  • 2016 Jewelry of the Year: Micki Baumann for ‘Lady & The Dragon’ Dream Locket, submitted by Deva Designs.

The major category winners are:

  • In Aroma Products, Jacki Smith for Wicked Good Smudge Spray (Coventry Creations)
  • In Divination Products, Edmund Zebrowski for Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand (S. Games Systems)
  • In Home Décor, Clothing, and Textile Products, Micki Baumann & Bob Heiney for Art+Glass Goddess Suncatcher (Deva Designs)
  • In Iconic Jewelry,Micki Baumann for Crescent Moon Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver (Deva Designs)
  • In Iconic Products, J.R. Rivera for Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Publishing, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith)
  • In Inspirational Products, Gaye Guthrie for Mystical Wisdom Card Deck (U.S. Games Systems, Artwork by Josephine Wall)
  • In Metal Jewelry, Micki Baumann for ‘Lady & The Dragon’ Dream Locket (Deva Designs)
  • In Tarot Products, Allegra Printz for The Ring Cycle Tarot (Schiffer Publishing)
  • In Visionary Products, Susan Walter-Prout for Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guide (Susan Walter-Prout )

Click here for a full list of winners.